The next four participants!

Piotr Boroń – sculptor, graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He participates in the cultivation of sculpture and ceramics symposia in the country and abroad. Designer and contractor of large spatial forms, bas-reliefs, statuettes and medalist characters. In his projects he uses metal, wood, stone, ceramics and resins. Currently employed at the School of Art in Gdynia Orłowo as a teacher of locksmiths, ceramics and sculpturing. He is a laureate of competition factors, including the national competition of wood sculptors – Zakopane 1998 (2nd place), Forest spaces – Gdańsk 2004 (1st place). He took part in many exhibitions, including: Młodej Rzeźba Gdańskiej – ZAR Gallery (Gdańsk 2004), Amberif – Art Gallery 2005, Young Spring – Refektarz Gallery (Kartuzy 2005) and outdoor sculptural events in Graannat (France), Goleniów (Poland) , Handesleben (Germany), painting in Jakubów and the foundry in Gdańsk.

Marek Szewczyk – sculptor, participant of international symposia in Poland and abroad. A didactic employee of the Katowice School of Technology. A graduate of the Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Author of “H20” open-air – a project that was a part of the sculptures’ symposium at the Sculpture Gallery in Orońsko.

Angelito Baban – comes from USA, is an employee of the JW Marriott hotel in Washington DC, where he works as an “avant-garde” chef. In 2011 he won 1st place at the Ice Sculpture Festival in Poznań. In 2013, he repeated this success. In 2014 he won the World Ice Competiton in Alaska and in 2012 the competition in Vermont in the USA. In addition to carving in ice, he also carries out fruit carving. In 2002, he took first place in the chocolate carving competition, and in the same year he obtained a diploma of carving in ice.

Jess Parish – lives in Longmont, USA. Is the owner of Cool Hand Ice Carving. He is a professional sculptor with many years of experience. He carves mainly using ice and snow, but he is not limited to these materials. He also create creations of wood, stone, clay, chalk, paint, sand, fruit and vegetables.

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