The final five crews of Ice Festival!

Frederick Marquina – was born and raised in a little town of Paete, Laguna the carving capital of the Philippines. He started carving at a very early age, mostly experimenting in wood carving. He has been working in the hotel industry since his late teens, carving fruits, butter, chocolate and ice. He competed internationally where he earned numerous medals and awards and was the Pride of Philippine Ice Carving team. In 2003 Fred worked in a five star hotel in Bermuda where his culinary and ice sculpting skills have been a definite asset. He was the Grand Prize winner of the 2008 Bermuda Gourmet Getaway Ice Sculpting Competition. He was also one of the nominees in Best Chef category at the BELCO VIP Excellence Award, the highest award giving body in Bermuda’s Ministry of Tourism. Now residing in Canada, he launched his career winter of 2011 where he won 1st Place in Lakefield’s Polar Fest competition and Grand Prize winner of Bloor-Yorkville Ice Competition.

Philippe Saraiva – I am a professor and Chef .I have been teaching Hospitality programs for over 20 years . I started ice carving 20 years ago after  taking lessons from Steve Brice and Aaron Costic. Took part in over 17 Ice festival across the province of Ontario . Example of competitions Icefest in Bloor St Toronto. Winterloo in Waterloo, Lakefield Ice festival. I won the professional ice carving competition in Waterloo in 2015

Michał Mizuła – he has been sculpting in ice for about 10 years. Two-time World Runner-up, twice the first place at the international ice sculpture competition in Ottawa, in Poznań he won first place and twice second in the main competition and twice the first and second place in speed ice carving.

Sanchez Sebastien – a three-time participant of the Ice Festival in Poznań, three-time participant in the Ottawa Winterlude contest, taking two 2nd and 3rd  place, participant in two competitions in France, winning 2nd and 1st place.

Adam Bakoš – is a sculptor since 1990, he works with ice, sand and wood. He takes part in international competitions and symposia. The author and architect of the TATRANSKÝ DÓM in 2015, 2016, 2017. He took part in TATRY ICE MASTER 2015, 2016, 2017.

Miroslav Trnovsky – surrounded by a beautiful Liptov nature and support of my loving parents, I built deep relationship to the woodwork. This passion actually led me to the Arts and Crafts High School in Bratislava where I graduated in 1979. While using many different techniques – intarsia, encrustation, wood carving, turning or surface treatment, I worked on my skills of artistic carpenter and wood-carver back at my hometown. The most significant representation of my art are statues and reliefs, where I can fully use my rich and extensive experiences from old manufacturing and ornate techniques.

Bruno Fleurit – is a painter and sculptor. His work in both wood and stone has a fluidity and natural rhythm which borders on musicality. His strong style is entirely original and it is easy, on viewing his work once, to always be able to pick it out in a crowd. This rhythmic approach is also carried through in his paintings, which have an flow reminiscent of aboriginal art. Although his work is sometimes abstract and sometimes figurative it is stylistically consistent and has an exciting energy all of its own.

Max Rutgers – when he was 10 years old, his hobbies were make sculptures and build tree houses. Now he is a carpenter of structure and he kept sculpting as a hobby. After spending many years living and traveling from the Indian Ocean until the Caribbean, finally he lives in Spain were he created his company and his family live. In 2013 attended to the Ice festival in London and won the price of single block. In 2014 and 2015 attended to the International ice sculpture festival in Poznan.

Don Lowing – is a sculptor and designer based in Philadelphia, USA. Don has traveled the world creating sculptures for unique commissions, international ice sculpting competitions and environmental ice experiences. He has dedicated the past 25 years mastering the art of ice sculpture and looks forward to returning to Poznan, Poland. Other sculpture mediums include wood, metals, and digital works in film, graphics and multimedia projects, ice is the core medium spanning all works. His sculpture installations have displayed throughout the United States, Alaska, Canada, South America, and Europe through collaborative projects, marketing events, unique commissions, international ice competitions, ice lounges and the Ice Hotel. Don has won awards throughout the United States, Alaska and Europe participating in ice sculpture competitions.

Trond Granli – participant in many ice sculpture competitions, second place winner in the Snow Sculpture World Championship in Moscow 1992, second place winner in the World Ice Art Championships Fairbanks Alaska 2005 in group competition. He participated in many large ice projects such as Icecrib in Graz 1997- 2003.

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